Dissent Under Attack – Mainstream Media and Internet

Note: The following tekst is the middle part of "Dissent Under Attack by Government and Corporations",   By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers on Globalresearch.org

Free Media equals Free People

Attacks on the Media and Internet

Critical to the success of movement actions is drawing public attention to them. A goal of popular movements is to grow by attracting more people to the movement, and especially to divide power holders (e.g. political parties, elected officials, business people, the media) and bring them to support the movement. A key ingredient to accomplish these goals is the public knowing about the protest, which requires media attention.

The corporate mass media has always been a problem for movements seeking transformational change. At times, movements have been able to break through corporate media blockades and get their message out, but this is becoming increasingly difficult as mass media is further concentrated and controlled by government and big business.

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