NATO, Germany and “The Dirty War on Syria”

Widespread alarm has been expressed across Germany at the announcement of NATO exercises along Russia’s borders, in Poland and the Baltic states. The development came on the anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, and as the conflicts in Ukraine and the NATO-driven war on Syria continue.

There is deep unease in Germany over the expansion of NATO operations, in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

A recent poll showed that only 9% of German people backed NATO’s latest sabre rattling against Russia. Most feel less secure. Demonstrations persist against US bases in Germany which are used for drone warfare.

The German people are very aware that their army invaded the Soviet Union, just three generations ago, with disastrous consequences for both sides. Even Germany foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier criticised the US-led adventures, saying in June that NATO “war-mongering” near Russia’s borders adds fuel to an “old confrontation.” According to RT, two-thirds of Germans agreed with their foreign minister that NATO should abandon its “sabre-rattling”.

Professor Tim Anderson presented the German version of his book  The Dirty War on Syria (Der schmutzige krieg gegen syrien) at the Democracy and Human Rights Centre in Berlin.

A conference in Germany in October will incorporate the war on Syria into discussions of a renewed threat of war in Europe.